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We put individuals, families and communities at the heart of care and wellbeing. Supporting independence, building resilience and better connecting people with communities, activities and opportunities is important to us. And so are you.

If you’re a social care professional who has safeguarding experience, wants to embrace change, and is committed to supporting our residents achieve their best outcomes, we’d love to receive your application to join our amazing team.

We pride ourselves on our workforce, promoting the following to achieve employee job satisfaction and better outcomes for our residents:

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Our people are important to us. We believe in a 21st century adult health and social care that makes the best use of people’s strengths and resources to ensure our residents, and our workforce, thrive. Our teams are set up to ensure personalised, high quality, appropriate and coordinated joint-working. This enables our employees to achieve better outcomes for our residents, while getting the best out of challenging yet rewarding work.


Front Door Service

  • Contact Assessment Team

This team acts as the first point of contact for individuals in the community, including members of the public, professionals, emergency services, and provider services. They’re responsible for the provision of information, advice and guidance, signposting to suitable services, and for receiving and processing referrals. The team has a focus on providing solutions to queries and it attempts to resolve these queries without referring onto the short-term service or long-term service teams.


  • Joint Emergency Team

This multidisciplinary team has a focus on providing urgent intervention, with the aim of preventing hospital admission or a person’s condition from deteriorating. The team has the capacity to quickly deploy staff to carry out home visits to identify what’s needed to ensure a person’s safety. Any support identified will need thorough consideration followed by a review, to avoid long-term decisions from being made in a crisis.


  • Hospital Integrated Discharge Team

The Hospital Team’s core function is to respond as the initial point of contact for adults presenting to hospital, including Accident and Emergency (A&E), Emergency Department (ED), all wards at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and University Hospital Lewisham (UHL), as well as those in acute NHS beds in out-of-borough hospitals.
The team provides support to hospital wards to facilitate a safe and timely discharge in line with Greenwich Discharge to Assess (D2A), Transfer of Care Collaborative (TOCC) principles and according to the Care Act regulations on hospital discharge. The primary pathway for discharge will be via Discharge to Assess, which may include going home with support, or to a D2A unit for further assessment.


Short term service

  • Community Rehabilitation and Short Term Assessment Team

This team’s focus is on prevention and supporting a person to optimise their independence, with a view to reducing or eliminating the need for services in the long term. The team aims to achieve this by providing brief interventions, making the best use of resources available and supporting people to self-manage their care needs. The team supports individuals to set short- and long-term goals in an Enablement Plan, and will work with people to review and update these goals throughout the duration of the Short-Term Service. The team will ensure that there is a holistic approach to optimising a person’s independence. It’s anticipated that short-term provision will be for up to 12 weeks.

Long-Term Service teams

  • Complex Care Team

The Complex Care Team is responsible for providing social care intervention for adults and older people with complex social care needs. This includes undertaking assessments of need, determining eligibility, the offer of personal budgets and the arrangement of holistic and strengths-based support services. Examples of complex work might include working with people with multiple long-term conditions, court work and complex safeguarding.


  • Community Assessment and Intervention Team

This team carries out assessments of need for individuals who have been identified as needing an ongoing service and where there’s no opportunity for preventative or rehabilitative interventions. It receives referrals from the Short-Term Service when there’s a need for ongoing case management after preventative measures have been exhausted, and it carries out unscheduled reviews and reassessments where there is a significant change in a person’s circumstances or need. The team works with individuals where there’s a need for ongoing intervention to problem-solve and identify, manage and minimise risk.


  • Reviewing Team

The Reviewing Team is responsible for carrying out scheduled reviews of care and support plans, and for carrying out a reassessment of need where appropriate. The team is responsible for making sure the plan in place suitably meets a person’s identified needs and will help achieve desired outcomes.

Specialist Adult Teams


  • Community Learning Disability Team

This team provides specialist health and social care services for people with learning disabilities and their carers, whose needs are so complex that intervention beyond universal services is required. Interventions are delivered within an integrated service delivery model, working jointly with a range of professionals within the fully interdisciplinary team that includes social workers, assessment officers, speech and language therapists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and transition workers.


  • Nil Recourse to Public Funds Team

The team provides support to vulnerable single adults with NRPF who meet the Care Act 2014 eligibility criteria due to chronic ill-health or disability. The NRPF team also provides support to children and families with NRPF who are facing destitution and homelessness. Assessments are undertaken according to s.17 Children Act 1989. Support may also be provided to individuals occasionally using the Localism Act 2011 and since March 2020, the Coronavirus Act 2020. Following assessment, destitute families may receive accommodation and financial support and vulnerable adults may receive packages of care along with accommodation and financial support while they are making attempts to regularise their immigration status in the UK.
The NRPF Team also coordinates the Greenwich Sanctuary Project. This is a five-year project that has settled 19 Syrian refugee families under the UNHCR Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.
The NRPF Team works in conjunction with statutory and local community organisations to promote the wellbeing of Greenwich residents.


  • Safeguarding

The Safeguarding Adults and DoLS Team carry out a range of functions. It takes a strategic and operational lead in relation to matters relating to adult safeguarding and provides a key link with other areas of the council such as the Safer Communities Team and the wider Safer Greenwich Partnership. The team operates a triaging system to screen and advise on all safeguarding referrals that arrive via the Contact Assessment Team. In addition, the team provides training to internal staff and external partners and facilitates public awareness-raising events, culminating in the annual Adult Safeguarding Month each November. The team manages and supports the functions of the Safeguarding Adults Board, which is a strategic multi-agency board that oversees safeguarding arrangements in the borough. The team also administrates the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding duties of the borough.


Greenwich Community Mental Health Teams

Greenwich (Oxleas) Mental Health Service Structure creates a series of multidisciplinary community based teams that work together seamlessly to enable residents to move along and across treatment pathways, in order to maintain the best quality of care. 

Social Workers in mental health teams deliver a range of assessment and care interventions working alongside individuals their families and carers.  These roles also involve working with complex need and risk as well as delivering a crisis intervention model of care within a social care perspective, helping to reduce the need for inpatient treatment and care.

Our aim is to maximise individual’s personal strengths alongside the use of community resources and services, helping to promote a person centred social care approach to mental health practice.   All posts require that the applicant is a qualified Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) or is willing to train and act as an AMHP on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich (if the service need requires).


  • Primary Care Plus (PCP) Team 

This team provides a direct link between primary and secondary care services and focuses on tele-triage, providing direct advice and support of GPs and directing service users to the pathway that will specifically meet their needs.  This service has four core aims. 

  1. Assessment & referrals management
  2. Relapse prevention and shared care
  3. Health promotion
  4. Education, training & consultation


  • Anxiety, Depression and Personality Disorder and Trauma (ADAPT) Team 

This team offers a flexible service to individuals presenting with complex needs (excluding Psychosis or Bi-polar disorder) that currently require secondary mental health care.  Referrals to ADAPT may come from PCP via triage, from the Inpatient Wards, Crisis teams, Early Intervention in Psychosis teams (following clarification of diagnosis), Forensic services or as a result of out of area transfers.


  • Intensive Case Management for Psychosis (ICMP)

This team provides a flexible service to all adults within the psychosis clusters who currently require secondary community mental health care.  It therefore includes all those diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as the various psychotic conditions.  The pathways of care aim to offer individual choice and involvement regarding their treatment, actively encouraging their participation in the planning and implementation of their care.


  • Centralised Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Team

The Centralised AMHP Team provides a single point of access to all requests for assessment under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007).  This includes working age adults, those under 18 or over 65 years of age, and service users who may already be receiving mental health input from specialist services, i.e. Community Learning Disabilities, Older People’s Mental Health and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The aim of this dedicated team of AMHPs is to deliver a range of assessment and care interventions within a statutory framework. As qualified AMHPs, they undertake their statutory duties under the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act, Care Act and associated legislation.


Occupational Therapy & Sensory Services

The Occupational Therapy and Sensory Service works primarily with residents who may be experiencing difficulties with daily life. They may wish to enhance their abilities, safety with personal care tasks, mobility, transfers, domestic activities, moving and handling, access to and within their property and the community; and consider where assistive technology may support with day to day tasks.

The team is centralised in order to offer services and resources at a universal, targeted and specialist level across Health and Social care. All referrals are triaged to ensure that, where targeted preventative strategies or provision may assist, these can be expedited. Currently, the Sensory service provides information, advice, assessments and interventions related to clients experiencing visual and or hearing and deafblind limitation(s) which effect their activities of daily living.



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  • ASYE Newly Qualified Social Worker £38,364

We are particularly proud of our excellent Assessed and Supported Year (ASYE) programme. It’s designed to help Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) develop their skills, knowledge and capability, and strengthen their professional confidence. This entry-level role provides access to regular and focused support during the first year of employment in social work. You’ll benefit from excellent support from your manager and mentor. In addition to this, we have a dedicated consultant to lead teaching and support workshops alongside robust external moderation to ensure high standards of practice.


  • Level 1 Social Worker £39,725 to £42,840

Our Level 1 Social Workers are experienced Social Work England registered professionals who work creatively with adults, their families and carers, and collaboratively with other professionals in a range of settings. They use person-centred and strengths-based principles, evidence-based practice and appropriate social work methods and models to enable people to have better lives and meet their desired outcomes.


  • Level 2 Social Worker £42,840 to £46,041

Our Level 2 Social Workers are highly experienced Social Work England registered professionals who take responsibility for complex cases, using practice evidence and research to inform complex judgements and decision-making. They are proactive in identifying issues and recommending actions needed to support, empower and protect adults and their families. Level 2 Social Workers also have supervisory responsibilities.


  • Level 2 Social Worker - Community Mental Health £39,867 - £42,855  

Our Level 2 Social Workers within the Community Mental Health teams are highly experienced Social Work England registered professionals who offers a flexible service to individuals presenting with complex needs.  As qualified AMHPs, they work autonomously and have extensive experience of working with service users, carers and families within a crisis intervention model of care. They are proactive in identifying issues and recommending actions needed to support, empower and protect adults and their families. Level 2 Social Workers also have supervisory responsibilities.


  • Approved Mental Health Professional / Level 2 Social Worker - Centralised Approved Mental Health Professional Team £48,770  

Our Level 2 Social Workers within the Centralised Approved Mental Health Team are highly experienced Social Work England registered professionals who work autonomously to deliver a range of assessment and care interventions which promote recovery and social inclusion. As qualified AMHPs, they take responsibility for complex cases, using practice, evidence and research to inform complex judgements and decision-making. Level 2 Social Workers also have supervisory responsibilities.


  • Assistant Team Managers £46,041 to £49,083

Our Assistant Team Managers are highly-skilled Social Workers who also lead on the development, promotion and monitoring of standards, priorities, policies and procedures ensuring developmental needs are met and individual, team and departmental standards achieved. Our Assistant Team Managers are responsible for supporting the Team Manager to deliver the operational management of the service. They contribute to service developments and improvements, as well as ensuring high-quality support and effective management of public resources.


  • Team Manager £49,083 to £52,116

Our Team Managers provide leadership and management expertise within their service area to develop systems, policies and procedures, ensuring that processes to prioritise cases are established, maintained and effectively and promptly managed.


  • Service Manager £67,290 to £70,710

Our Service Managers ensure the operational delivery of our high services, making sure they’re provided in a timely way and in accordance with local and national policies.


  • Occupational Therapist   PO2 £39,951 to £42,840  /  PO3 £42,840 to £46,041 / PO4 £46,041 to £49,083

Our Occupational Therapists are creative and highly motivated, HCPC registered practitioners who produce individual care and support plans in order to enhance the independence, safety and quality of life of our residents and their carer(s). They undertake comprehensive functional assessments, interventions, adaptations and moving & handling assessments; and meet with residents, their carers, families and multi-disciplinary agencies and organisations to understand the needs of our residents and support them on their path to rehabilitation, adjustment and enhanced independence.


  • Advanced Practitioner Occupational therapist PO6 £51,093 - £54,129

Our Advanced Practitioners Occupational Therapists are experienced, autonomous and highly motivated practitioner who influence practice and thrive on developing services. They have experience working with residents with a range of complex conditions and advise, train and teach specialist skills to colleagues within the wider therapy team both Health and Social Care.



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This is a fantastic time to join us. 


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Our Corporate Plan sets out the vision and priorities that will guide our organisation through the next four years.
We aim to develop our services and improve the lives of our residents by focussing our actions and resources on the things that matter to the residents of Royal Greenwich

For further information, read our Corporate Plan




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